About Us

Welcome to MAJOR CHEER – We’re glad you’re here!

Major Cheer began as Cheer Jam – a program that allowed students, that may have never had the chance, to learn the sport of cheerleading. Stacey’s after-school classes were full of high energy, music and learning. Parents were impressed with the skills that their children were learning and the self-confidence and poise that was obtained during their Cheer Jam classes. Classes grew fast and Cheer Jam became available in several more elementary/middle schools. Summer camps were added to the program with great success.  Stacey also coached high school cheerleaders that went on to perform in the 50th Daytona 500, Tampa Bay Bucs Games, Orlando Magic Games, & Super Bowl XLIII. Her cheerleaders have always been recognized for their sharp skills, unique choreography and spirit!

Today, Stacey and her daughter Dominique, a University of Florida graduate and Cheer Jam Instructor, currently have more than 400 students in their after-school program. With growth comes change and MAJOR CHEER is born! MAJOR CHEER will provide the same unique, exciting, music-filled classes that Stacey’s program is known for. Our after-school program allows students to stay after school for class and share their cheer experience with their friends. The original, creative choreography for the cheer, dance and tumbling routines captivates students of all ages and skill levels. No experience is necessary! Many students in our after- school program discover their passion for cheer and dance. Many go on to cheer in high school, college and even professional! Some discover their inner confidence and pursue opportunities they never thought they would. Major Cheer not only prepares students for the CHEER WORLD but also for the REAL WORLD! MAJOR CHEER AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM JAMS!