Programs and Locations



We have missed everyone over the summer and we can’t wait to get started with another year of cheer! Due to Covid-19, we will not be able to start our program in our schools in September. Our schools are planning for our return, but with everything changing and updates happening, we do not have a start date at this time.   

HOWEVER, while this year might look a little different – that doesn’t mean MAJOR CHEER has to change. We will be learning the same awesome choreography that MAJOR CHEER is known for! Classes are grouped by schools so you can cheer with your friends!  Have a cousin or best friend in another state that would like to cheer with you? Invite them to join us!  Major Cheer training sessions will be held on Zoom and all details will be given once registration/payment is received. Please call/email/text to register for our MAJOR CHEER ONLINE CLASSES! Although classes are grouped by schools (shown below!), classes are open to ANYONE!  Just let us know what school district you are in and we will let you know your MAJOR CHEER DAY! We are SO excited to move ahead and keep cheering – let’s make this the most MAJOR CH-YEAR yet! (See what we did there?) 

TO GET STARTED – RETURNING STUDENTS: find your school/location below to contact your coach directly! For all NEW STUDENTS/PARENTS, please contact Stacey Horton at 941.914.1825.



Tatum Ridge Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
Phillippi Shores Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
Ashton Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
Williams Elementary School, Parrish, FL
The Classical School of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
Colonial Oaks Park Gym, Sarasota, FL
Coach – Stacey Horton

Parrish Charter School, Parrish, FL
Kinnan Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
Palmetto Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
Harvey Elementary School, Parrish, FL
Coach – Ashley Matthews

Braden River Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
Gene Witt Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
Willis Elementary School, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Myakka City Elementary School, Myakka City, FL
Coach – Dominique Jackson


MAJOR CHEER Focuses on the fundamentals of cheerleading. Just like any sport such as soccer, tennis and baseball, athletes must start learning the skills at a young age if they plan on cheering at a high school/college level. MAJOR CHEER takes students with no experience and those with experience.  We work all skill levels into our cheers & dances so that every student is actively involved.  Our unique choreography captivates our students and keeps them coming back for more!  MAJOR CHEER incorporates the dances and cheers that are taught into awesome routines that are performed throughout the school year.  Students are excited to learn new material at each practice.  No routines are repeated.  This enables a student to start MAJOR CHEER in Pre-school and continue through middle school!  Our intensive training program prepares each Major Cheer Coach to uphold a standard in cheering.  Each one hour class is a structured environment where the focus is cheer and dance.

Most importantly, we promote self-esteem, self-confidence, pride and school spirit!  The excitement and self confidence that students exude when they learn a new dance or cheer is pure joy!  MAJOR CHEER is sometimes the first team experience these children have ever had and we want to make that first experience, their BEST experience!  By teaching the proper techniques, students will gain the confidence and self-esteem to try out for high school, college, or even professional cheerleading one day!