Introducing your Major Cheer Coaches!

If you’re new around here – welcome! If you’re a returning student or parent, please contact your coach or find your school’s location to learn more about upcoming programs and virtual classes. For all new students and parents, please contact Stacey to learn more about this amazing program and how you can become involved today!

Stacey, Major Cheer Founder & Coach

Stacey is a former cheerleader, choreographer and dancer – who also happens to be the founder and creator of Major Cheer!
– Tatum Ridge Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
– Phillippi Shores Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
– Gulf Gate Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
– Ashton Elementary School, Sarasota, FL
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Dominique, Major Cheer Coach

Dominique is a former Major Cheer cheerleader turned coach who learned the business from her mom, Stacey!
– Braden River Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
– Willis Elementary School, Lakewood Ranch, FL
– Gene Witt Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
– McNeal Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
Contact Dominique:

Ashley, Major Cheer Coach

Ashley is a Major Cheer alumna, mom & a Major Cheer coach!
– Williams Elementary School, Parrish, FL
– Parrish Charter School, Parrish, FL
– Freedom Elementary School, Bradenton, FL
– Virgil Mills Elementary, Parrish, FL
– Harvey Elementary School, Parrish, FL
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